Tuesday, January 02, 2007

1. A holiday to Argentina

GB's new Tango shoesThere are 10 posts in this blog about my holiday to Argentina with boyfriend number 2. But the posts aren't too taxing, mostly just a photo gallery! The posts are organised as follows:
  1. This posting
  2. Buenos Aires
  3. Wine tasting in Mendoza
  4. Andes near Mendoza
  5. Salta
  6. Andes near Salta
  7. Purmamarca
  8. Andean glaciers
  9. Patagonia
  10. Iguazú falls
Clicking on each photo will bring up a much higher resolution version of the picture. Also note that this blog is configured so that all ten posts load up on the home page, so to see all the photos just make sure that you're on the home page and scroll down. And as well as all these postings, there's also the post in the main blog about Gay tango dancing in Buenos Aires :-).

GB xxx


-eve- said...

Great photos! Am really impressed with your skill (I know nothing about photography myself - wish I could take pics like these, though). Saved lots of them to use as desktop wallpaper - that's how much I like them! :-)

Carla said...

So you have been in all the provinces that are worth going to! I see you did your homework and studied where these were and what you had to do! My plan when I travelled to Argentina was different: I booked all of the main things like flights, a buenos aires apartment, transportation inside the city and nothing else. Then, once I was already there, I hired all the excursions and asked what were the places I had to see after leaving BA. I don´t know which way is the best one, but mine worked perfectly, I never had to wonder around looking for a room, I had all planed out!

احمد الخضري said...

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