Tuesday, January 02, 2007

8. Andean glaciers

The first seven pictures below are all of the Perito Moreno glacier. The glacier is currently in equilibrium, which means that it is neither shrinking or growing larger. Apparently most of the world's glaciers are shrinking at present, which could be a sign of global warming. Unfortunately my camera battery went dead just as we were putting on crampons for a short trek on the glacier itself!

View of the Perito Moreno glacier from a distance.

Arriving by boat at the Perito Moreno glacier for a short trek on the glacier.

The above photo shows the glacier touching land on the right hand side of the picture. Occasionally this forms a natural dam, which eventually ruptures allowing the water levels to equalise on both sides of the glacier. At present, water is still flowing underneath the glacier.

Close-up view of the Perito Moreno glacier.

The above photo shows a film crew at work near the glacier. Boyfriend number 2 thought that they were shooting a commercial, which was later confirmed when we discovered that the crew were staying in the same hotel as us.

Double-click on the picture above to see the enlarged version. On the enlarged version, two separate groups of tourists are visible trekking on the glacier.

The Perito Moreno glacier, as seen from up on the hillside. This picture was taken by boyfriend number 2, because my camera battery had gone dead!

The last six pictures below were all taken on a boat trip to the Upsala glacier.

The photos above and below show icebergs formed as ice breaks away from the Upsala glacier.

In my opinion, the iceberg in the above photo is a particularly beautiful shade of blue :-).

View of the Upsala glacier from a distance.

Close up view of the Upsala glacier.

Edge of the Upsala glacier on the left, with a recently formed iceberg in the foreground on the right.

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