Tuesday, January 02, 2007

10. Iguazú falls

The Iguazú falls lie on the Iguazú river. One side of the river is Argentinian, and the other side is Brazilian. We visited both sides, so part of this holiday was actually spent in Brazil. And although it was a bit touristy, we took an enjoyable inflatable boat ride along the river itself right up to and underneath one of the waterfalls, getting completely soaked in the process :-). Apart from the last picture at the bottom, all photos were either taken on the Brazilian side of the falls, or from the inflatable boat.

A picture taken from the inflatable boat, showing some of the other tourists on the ride. The photo below shows another inflatable boat, just after the occupants had been taken for a shower underneath the waterfall on the left.
View of the 'Devil's Throat' from the Argentinian side of the falls


Peter said...

Is this where the opening of "The Mission" was filmed?

Gay banker said...

Now you mention it peter, I recall that our guide said that some of that film was indeed shot here. I'm not sure though what part of the film, so if you reckon it's the opening that lets go with that!

GB xxx

Cody said...

Just found your blog site and your photos of Argentina. Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

RoyRoy said...

A drien of mine is in that boat!